My new trailer is done!

Well, almost.

Took a week to transfer everything over from the previous trailer, and made darn sure I corrected a few things.

Question…the bypass, I have it shooting sideways like before to minimize aeration but man does it blast hard at the opposite side of the tank. I’m open to ideas. Maybe put it down toward the bottom so it bypasses into water?

It’s a work in progress so hoses and wall attachment options are going to be fine tuned, especially that blue feed line. Waiting on some d-rings for the e-track.


Well Done brother looking great, in the middle of a build this week myself. All the best with it!


use an elbow, it’s what i use on mine, see if you like it. im using a brass elbow and brass bulkhead.

Elbow, in what regard?

if this your bypass? if so, just put an elbow there so the curve can cause a slight drag, BUT, mine goes thru the top and that doesn’t make any aeration as one would expect since bypass is when trigger is off anyway. so my bypass goes from unloader to elbow on top then shoots straight down into the water. it may or may not be your answer.

i think your ok tho.

Run a 3/4 inch bypass hose, less pressure blasting into the tank. Secure your water tank.


Working on it, waiting for some hardware to arrive. Remember I don’t drive around with water in it like most guys on here.

Now you suggest 3/4", is there some adaptor for that?

Damn brock! You wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Atta boy, don’t you let em tease you. Lol

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Yep, just a 3/4 barb of the unloader. I ran 3/8th hose for 20 years but this year my landa guy had been changing them out whenever one of my trucks go by there. It makes him happy so I figure it must be worth it.

I hope it will be completed as soon as possible. Everything looks good! :slight_smile:

You are a positive fellow. Welcome aboard


Thank you for your kindness. Let’s stay positive always like this. Be happy always in this life. With love and respect… :slight_smile: