My new (to me) van

Im not sure if this is the correct place to post, but I wanted to share that I bought my first piece of equipment today. I purchased a 2005 GMC 3500 cargo van. I will be building out my first rig in this. I have done a lot of research, and I know a cargo van isn’t ideal, but not having a truck to pull a trailer, this was the best option for my start up budget. How many other guys started in a van?

I use a 2500 chevy express, Love it! I keep all my tools safe and I haul my trailer with it… at the end of a long day I just lock it up and forget it…


Good to hear. Do fumes ever become an issue? That’s what most complaints were that I read.

No issues, my pressure washers on a trailer

I’m actually transitioning my smaller trailer to a 2500 van as we speak…New 8gpm 3500 pressure washer at the back doors hose reels stacked at the side door, 275 buffer tank in the middle and plenty of room for extra hoses,surface washer,chemicals,plumbing ect… super easy for maneuvering around town and you don’t have to tow the trailer!! Pictures to follow in a week or two😁


Welllll pics man!! I really want to stay away from a trailer if I can.

Yeah ,you say that now.

It’s a good plan. I hate my trailer. Lol washed a storefront and cleaned windows on Broadway in downtown Kc. Parking was not fun at all.

This trailer looks good (seriously)… but not as good as the skip you have going there.

Forgot to add the skipping pic


That, and security are my biggest concerns. We have narrow roads in a lot of the residential areas. And it would be great to be able to grab lunch without worrying someone was jacking my trailer.

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Don’t forget the twirl.

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You still doing Xmas lights?

Absolutely. It’ll make up a quarter of my revenue on the year in a month. Since last year’s light season, pressure washing season just gets me to Christmas light season.

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I need to build a kit for my telescoping flag pole. I want a 30 foot Christmas tree but don’t know what lights I should use.

Color or type?

Prefer led but the old school multi colored bulbs are cool.

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