My jbar setup

I have a 4000psi/4gpm belt drive machine. My jbar tips are a 0010, 0030, 2510 and 1530. Are these optimal for my machine??

Get rid of the 10’s.


And go with what?

Nothing…those two nozzles have too much pressure for rinsing houses. Just use the other two nozzles. Most here just use the soap nozzles (your other two nozzles) to soap and rinse. You’ll want to get a 3-way poly valve to switch from soap to water when you go to rinse. You can also just pull your hose out of your mix tank or bucket. If you do that don’t forget to flush your injector with clean water after each house.


Beg to differ.

Beg to differ, meaning what?? I’m new to soft washing and am trying to learn.

These other guys here are more professional than me but this is what I found pressure tek


So I didn’t actually order my JROD. I bought it and a box full of fittings from a guy on FB. Mine is setup like this: 4020/Soap Low, 1520/Soap High, 2510/Concrete Rinse, 0010/Jet Nozzle. I drilled out the 0010 with a 1/8" bit to use as a shooter tip to soap 2nd and 3rd story areas. Works like a charm.


Your using what, 4gpm? Im using the 40’s from pressureTek for 4gpm, I feel it should be better tho.

No 8gpm. My tips could be way off from the norm but they work perfectly and the guy said he used them on his 8gpm. All I know is they work so well I couldn’t imagine anything doing any better.

Look at the numbers on your tips again. I think you may have stated them backwards and who was this fellow off from facebook? On my 8 gpm I use a 2540, 0080ish, and the origional shooter tip machined out for proper water collection into the orifice. I also have a 2520 But it never gets used and should be replaced with an 0540. If any of you guys are using the size 10 15 or 20’s to shut off your soap your not soft washing. Buy an injector bypass and or remote system. Or build a remote control armature to turn the bypass valve for you. Bypassing allows way more flow as your not passing through the tiny orifice of the injector. In some cases I will just turn off my chems with my ball valve but still run the 2540 then you don’t have to walk back to the machine. Unless its a surface like brick or something don’t use the higher pressure tips guys. Soap tips = soft wash. Soap then rinse with higher pressure = hard wash cause you still using the Sh but still too much psi. Hope this helps, good luck gents!

No those are definitely the right numbers. I dont use a remote or anything to turn off soap. I just switch the drop tube from soap to a bucket of water so I dont lose any flow at all.

You ought to get a 3 way poly valve. Middle port goes to injector, right side to house wash mix/drop tube for soap, and left side to buffer tank or water. This way you get your clean water to flush injector and so you don’t lose any flow. If you do this you don’t have to worry about emptying a 5 gallon bucket of clean water or even messing with filling one up. Just a quick flip of the valve and unlimited water running through injector.


I like 3 way valve idea. Gonna have to keep that in mind for later

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That’s what a lot of guys do. You can get the valve at Pressure Tek or a few other places. It’s just a little 1/4" barbed poly 3 way valve. I think @Innocentbystander has been doing it for years. That’s the valve where people have installed a remote valve in place of the poly so they don’t have to walk back and forth to turn soap on and off.

I know. I’ve got winter plans that I’m going to do and it’s on the list. The walk back to the trailer doesn’t bother me but I plan on either buying or building a remote system. I keep on begging Schertzy for one of his but he has a heart of ice and wouldn’t even give me one for my birthday so I’m going to try again on Christmas. We’ll see how it goes.

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Maybe its just soley A change in pressure I feel then when the bypass is switched but it’s definitely a massive difference. I have the grey 3 way viton valve as well to flush my injector. I know for a fact that with the 8gpm I HATE rinsing without the bypass on because it seems to me its a flow difference for sure but if nothing else you definitely lose lots of height and it makes cleaning those lichen spots off the drip edge a PITA. If you have not tried it then you should I think you will be happy with the result and like the machine even more. The 5.6 on the other hand doesn’t have much of a change when bypassed. I will have to buy the high pressure flow meter from GPI and do an actual test on it. Give me a week or so please.

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If y’all make a bypass for DS injector, don’t do it like Pressuretek does. Do it like @Racer did. It’s so much nice and makes way more sense.

I agree. Rick’s seems to make more sense and much less restriction. I guess the only con I can think of is you have to walk back to the trailer to engage it. That’s why I’m leaning towards one of the remote setups for down the road.

Yeah ,but the only reason I can see y’all needing 100 % flow would be for a SC or big Turbo nozzle job. So y’all wouldn’t need to DS HW for those particular jobs.