My game plan


Then you don’t know enough to make a reasonable purchasing decision. It’s like saying "there’s a truck for sale with a 400ci engine for $3000, is that a good deal?



My plan is to meet the guy, see how it runs and time how long it takes to fill up a 5 gallon bucket to measure the GPM.


You might be able to find a readable model number on the pump and look it up that way.


Thanks man! Admittedly if I had to pick between my channel and @JohnLangeYOUTUBE’s channel I’m sending people to John’s channel.

I’m still blown away that I have 240 subscribers. I think the content is helpful, but I’m biased and there’s never any real editing or fancy intros which I really want to get to some day.

@TrueWash to answer your question about the surface cleaner, and you can take this to the bank, bigger is not always better with a low gpm machine like a 4GPM.

Your supplier is correct in telling you a 16” will clean faster and better than a 20” with a 4GPM machine. 4” for every gpm is more reasonable and 5” per gpm is really pushing it. 20” with a 4 gpm prepare yourself to go slowwww with rework.

If you can’t swing a 5.5 or higher machine at the moment, save yourself a boatload of headache and just get the 16”.

That being said, 8 GPM with a 20” surface cleaner after a 4 gpm with a 16” will feel like you’re on a magic carpet ride to a whole new world and a big blue genie that sounds remarkably like Robin Williams just granted one of your wishes.


Haha, heard. Thank you.

Ill have to check out your channel.


You’re not kidding we’re having to put ankle weights on our 20” to help hold it down. It’s night and day difference


@Innocentbystander told me 2 years ago to put a 90 degree elbow on the hose that attached to the deck. Worth the 10 minutes and $10.


I went from walking slowly with my 5gpm/20” ww to a light jog with the same 20” on an 8gpm. I’ve been considering buying a larger SC, maybe 28”, but I’m not sure of the benefits? What do you think?


I have a actual barbell weight on mine. Kinda bousche I know.


Stick with the 20"


Or go to a 16" and FLY!!!


Bingo, 16inch on 8gpm will clean much quicker than a 19 inch.


Is it because you have the same volume of water in a smaller cleaning area?


We move pretty good with our little big guy at 8gpm


I reckon


I’ve used a 20” with a 4GPM machine for years. If I could afford a bigger machine, I wouldn’t hesitate. It’s slow. Works, but slow. Time is money. I know this.

I also find if the nozzles aren’t new, or the water supply is questionable - it’s a real pain in the ass.

A 20” is borderline suitable for 4GPM machine.

I have a 16” one as well, it’s faster, but as my 20” has wheels, the 16” is way more tiring on a driveway for instance.

Next year I will upgrade to the GX690, change the nozzles and fly!


That, plus the bar rotates faster due to the smaller diameter. Faster bar, faster movement. But less area covered with a 16”.

So that’s why you need a bigger engine and pump to make the 20” do what the 16” does for the 4GPM machines.


Have you used a 90 elbow on swivel ? it wont keep a 10gpm flat but works with an 8gpm


No but I will


Ive been running my 20"ww on an 8gpm and I always have to rework and post treat. Tried going bigger on nozzles for volume, smaller just scarred cream. Lines every time. Running 200’ and detaching injector is best it seems. I dont quit til its first class as far as quality, but its takes too much time. Curious if a 2 nozzle bar would improve performance? Or just go 16?