My Flatbed pics & a very large Parking garage we put a bid in for-Pics

[COLOR=#333333]This truck has been a work in progress. It goes out most days with my red trailer to take on most type jobs we run into. In between I would do a little at a time to get this truck to where it is today. Its almost complete but we may have to take the two Largo Burners back off and cut them down around 7 Inches on the bottom so we can fit into some garages that are in our horizon with out being concern of hitting a low beam. The truck’s height on top of the burner stacks is 6’9" and we need to get them down to 6’7 or less because of the smoke that comes out of the burner.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]I’ll show some pics of a garage very large garage we just put in a bid for yesterday where this garage has some pipes as low as 6,7". So with that and a few other bids we have out where that height is in a few of them as well those burner will have to be cut down…[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333]For now this truck has the ability to run 3 Powerwashers with a combine total of 27 GPM at 3500-3800 psi and 18.5 gpm can also be heated up to 200+ degrees. I also have an enclose trailer with the Vac setup that I’m still piecing together thats in a low profile enclose trailer along with another hotwater Powerwasher rated at 8.5GPM @3600d psi. SO with those two together this beast will be able to do 26gpm @3600 psi average along with an 8.5 GPM cold water washer and 2-4 gpm PW put together for another 8 gpm so now your looking at bad azz rig and trailer set-up that can produce 43.5gpm all over 3000 PSI…[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]Can’t wait to get the next garage on our horizon. Where going to fly right thru it.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333]Note the last pic of the truck here I’m showing you the bottom of the burner frame where we are going to cut that off on both Burners so it will sit 7" lower and it will be perfectly flat.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]Enjoy the pics.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333][INDENT]Now this monster garage. The garage is aprox 2,000,000sq’ where the facilities supervisor(No prop man in here which is a trick I learned from Jim Gamble so you can get a higher price by knocking out the middle mem who are the real problems in this industry most of the time IMHO).
They want me to put in a Bid to clean aprox 1,200,000 sq’ of this garage once a year and do a Flush rinse down 3x a year.

Look out Jimmy G… Your right these are money jobs–Thanks Bro[/INDENT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#333333]When My guys came back today from doing residential they cut up the frames on the Burners which now made them 7" lower. The highest part now on the flatbed is 6’6" and with the tanks full of water and if we took some air out of the tires we can get in probably a parking garage thats 6’4" in height… So we can pretty much do any parking garage now… On top of this My wife and I hooked up with Nick Campanale “Nick the Cleaner” and his wife and his childhood best friend and his wife at a restaurant 5 minutes from my house… Don’t ya just love this industry[/COLOR]

Hey John thanks a ton for sharing! I would love to grow into a set up like that.

This is my first year with an enclosed trailer but would like to get a set up like that
where I can carry more water.

I’d love to pic your brain on selling commercial power washing…

And if I’d ever be in the area I would love to shadow your crew doing a parking garage.

Again…good stuff, thanks for sharing.