My concrete drive today

7500 sq/ft of concrete, took 6 hours. I barely had enough supply hose, plus 200’ going the other way. I had to pre and post treat under the trees with all the lichens.


I’m guessing this was for the client you recently talked about. Did you end up rinsing the post treatment off?

Looks really nice!

I could have done that in 3 hrs for twice as much $$ :joy:. Just kidding

No, the lichens were still simmering when I left so I told them if they are still present in a couple weeks I’d nuke them again. I don’t think they are sealing.

I’m seriously debating if I should get a larger surface cleaner just for driveways, not sure how well something like a 28" would do with my cold water machine.

Makes sense, was wondering what the client was going to do.

Depends how many large concrete areas you clean. I think @Racer had some videos comparing surface cleaner size and speed but not sure

I have a 24” whisper Wash Ground Force I use on bigger drives. Love it…

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