My brother keeps me current on technology



After I discovered GIFs I realized that I love to respond to messages in GIFs. People probably get annoyed with me.


I find them but I had a hard time posting them. I screen shot them usually and tell my brother to shake his phone when he looks at them




They have apps so u can search and add then to texts instantly… takes out all shaking of phone


I can’t do it here, says chrome won’t work. Not sure what that is


Half the time I don’t know if you are being serious. :zipper_mouth_face:


I tried that screenshot a half dozen times and kept turning my phone off. You have to push the power button and the low volume button at the same time. I got big fingers and no coordination. @squidskc can attest to my phone skills lol. Or anyone that has spent ten minutes with me. This is a new phone. Second in two weeks. Last one is in the bottom of the river


I heard it happen. “Blooop” It was a sad moment in an otherwise fantastic day.


You must have an iPhone. I struggle with that too. Never had that issue with my Android.


It’s an Android. The new caterpillar phone. I wont use an iPhone for the same reason I won’t use Google. It just sounds new age and weird.


If posting to here, some of them you can copy and paste from the internet… Bout as much help as i can be.



Screenshot a picture of your caterpillar phone. I have heard that they’re great and want to see what they look like