Muratic shelf life

I have a half of a drum of muratic that’s been in the shop about 2 years or so old, and got me thinking how long of a shelf life muratic carries?

Try it out on something. See how strong it is. Has it ever been open?

Yes but I keep it sealed

That’s some potent stuff. Just by the smell alone you should be able to tell. I’m not suggesting anyone go stick their nose in it. I use to work with every once in a while & sometimes it would lay around for a few months before we used it again & it was fine.

It’s been years since I used Muriatic acid. I think they used to come in red containers. The last 5 gallon container of Muriatic acid I had it was probably at least 3 yrs old when I gave it to this pool company that services my pool. I think it was still good because this guy took it.