Moving a pressure washer 1/2 way across US preparing?

We are moving from Dallas TX to Orange County CA, I have a a gas unit from HD, I do not use it much but am having it professionally moved with the rest of our gear. Will be draining gas tank if there is any left, anything else that I need to do to prep the machine prior to moving? Still have the box so will be using that for shipping. Thanks ahead of time.

your going the wrong direction, get your head checked, LOL

On a serious note, WHY???

Wife has transfer with her office there, should be a huge career booster for her. Although I am bringing all my W/C equipment out there, I don’t know that I will be in the business, (3 year contract for her) and I will focus on our kids. I was born and raised in central NJ (moved out in the late 90’s/no family there anymore and don’t miss it). CA is crazy expensive, but the summer weather in Dallas grinds on me. Living in CO again is my mental goal (Wife’s office is based there) so hope that is in our deck of cards.

So just draining the gas tank should do it?

Steven where in CNJ did you live? I would drain gas and oil and maybe desconnect or remove spark plug and maybe drain pump oil.

North Plainfield 1973-1997,