Moss on Roof - Sweep First?

Have several jobs in the next 8 days where moss grows and I must evict Tomorrow I clean windows and the only access to some windows are from a roof section with HUGE mounds of moss. Thought I might clean the roof area where I’ll be working and hope to upsell.

The moss is dangerous to stand on, lost footing on a slant and all. Your suggestions about sweeping are most appreciated!

Just a heavy dose of 5 or 6 percent will kill it. But you will need a good rinse pump. If you don’t rinse it off it will be all white and dead up there and they WILL see a difference. After it dries out and the roots are dead rain will eventually get it off… Rinsing is better…

So that’s consistent with what I read on my search. Why NOT sweep off first? ANYWAY, I’ll likely use my XJet because it’s a small area, and without proportioner the mix should come to 5-6%. Rinse will present no issue, but to sweep off first seems just too stinkin’ obvious.

Because I don’t like walking on the roof and it depends on how thick it is and what shape the shingles are in, A lot of guys will sweep I just don’t care to…

By sweep are you guys referring to surface clean the roof?

No he means a broom

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Sweep first, just use stiff brush on end of your pole. At least get the big clumps off. Not that hard, comes off pretty easy.


That,s what I was thinking. Thanks Rick!