Mold on roof

I have a customer with mold and black streaks on her shingle roof and she wants them removed… Is there any reason we can’t just use a pump up sprayer with SH in it and spray the mold then rinse with a hose? or do you need a roof cleaning pump?

You can do it like that. It’s a lot of pumping and spraying, but if you load up on Vitamin E…

You could but think about it, if you use 30 gallons of mix that’s a lot of trips up and down the ladder.

Buy a roof kit from Bob. The first job will pay for it.

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Ok, thanks guys, ill look into the roof pump system…

Plus with a pump up, you won’t get any distance on your spray so you will need to walk the entire thing.

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Those RolFlows from Home Depot could get some air.

Low pressure injector and the water broom 400 psi

Is that a pipe bomb on that sprayer lol

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That’s a wand holder duct taped on the side. The Shooter is my then fifteen year old son. Doing a little call back work.