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Good evening everyone:
Let me just start off by saying I have been cruising the site for a few hours now, and in that short period of time have picked up some great tips from Y’all.

I am located in the Permian Basin region of West Texas, (Big Spring Texas to be exact) which as I am sure you may have heard by now in the midst of a big oil boom, in an area I affectionately call “The Triangle of nothingness” -I wish I could say that the Triangle of Nothingness is an exaggeration, but sadly it is not-

Given the oil boom and fact that so many people are coming here to work in the oil fields, it makes the Permian Basin a perfect place to start a Pressure washing business, because of the sheer amount of cars, trucks, tank batteries, buildings and driveways that could require services like mine…

I was considering naming the business Cheaney Shine Services. Pronounced Sheeney (Or something to that affect)
What do you guys think?

Welcome to the forum! Honestly, since your last name is pronounced so much differently than it’s spelled, I would just leave your name out of it. Seems to me it would only cause confusion. People would be looking your company up under S in the phone book. Maybe come up with name that fits your particular region of Texas.

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Thanks for your input Mike, I have been cursing my family name for about the last 40yrs because not only is it tough to spell, its tough to pronounce too!
But on the bright side, when I walk into a restaurant with a waiting list, I can always tell when its my turn to be served, because the wait staff always try to pronounce it to themselves before saying it…

Triangle Power Wash? “Clean at every Angle” lol

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I like that one!