Mixing nozzle sizes on surface cleaner?

Last time I was at the PW store, they were out of 25025’s and suggested I could use two 2502’s and two 2503’s on my 4 nozzle.

Anyone ever experiment with varying sizes and fan widths? Would be interesting to use 3503 outside and 25025 inside for a more even clean.

For a more even clean your tips on a surface cleaner should be identical.

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You really need to find a better vendor. Sounds like I bunch of idiots there. How do they not have the right nozzles. My guy literally has them by the bucketfull.

Lol William, give you a hint, I’m in Louisville.

That’s just sad

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Do you know why their website is down? Not answering phone either?

Yeah, Russ said they are “down a mechanic” and can’t keep up with orders so they temporarily shut the website down.

I stand by my statement lol. But Russ is a cool cat.