Minimum temp for SH effectiveness

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I have a job coming up and the high temps are in the upper 40’s. What would you say is the bare minimum for SH to be effective?

If you’re in the upper 40’s you’ll be fine. I down streamed a metal building today and it was only 38 degrees out and cleaned up just fine. The roof was covered in algae too.

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It just takes longer
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Thanks guys.

What’s up with the search again?

You broke it again?

It’s like the 3rd time in the past 2 months he’s broken it…:man_facepalming:

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I just break wind.

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We wash until it gets below 25 with bleach. Washed all day cleaning curbs in Knoxville one day in a snow storm and 13 degrees.


Have you been back there? I know you have stated on here that you do a lot of work with the same customers, just wondering if the algae/mold came back faster, or it didn’t come as clean. Did you bump up your mix/change your mix ratio to higher concentration of SH or did you increase the dwell time?

Sorry for the 20 questions bit, just really curious, want to file your response in my collection of info.

I did the Knoxville run for about 12 years and never had any issues. The super cold days we were just doing miles of curbs since everything by was frozen anyway. If it’s before about 35 we just ds straight SH and let it dwell longer. She’s of ice on the siding when rinsing

Thank you, so increase strength and dwell time. Good to know. I’m still wrapping my head around some of this stuff, 7.7k posts read and still don’t seem to get everything. Trying to figure out what my season would be for next year. Thanks again.

I’ve washed a few in the last two weeks in similar temps. Definitely takes longer. Make your mix a little hotter.