Minimum rate

Is there a minimum you guys charge to show up to a job? I was talking to a friend the other day ( who does excavating) and he said no matter what he charges $xxx to shore up and move dirt.

Definitely have a minimum.

You gotta decide what that amount is. My guess is you’ll raise it twice within your first full year—and that’s ok.


Absolutely. It varies based on location and service. But currently my minimum for any power washing that’s more than 5 minutes from my house is $350.

Lowest I’ll do is $200 to wash a single wide here in the trailer park. And I require scheduling flexibility to offer them that price. Usually sneak them in at the end of my day.

I guess my minimum is $75, I’m not starting my truck for less than that, don’t need the money. I wash for peanuts and it is just a side hustle. So if you were close to me and wanted one side of your house done I would do it.

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Not really, but then again I show up for a window clean and sometimes they ask if I can get their sidewalk or patio. I’m not going to turn down $100 that’s for sure.

If they want me to just come out for a $100 job, I’d have to try and schedule it when we are in the area with another job.

My minimum is $125.

145$ minimum windows or gutters, 495$ house wash (townhome or group discount) minimum.

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$495 for a housewash?? Good grief I start at $175 here in KY.

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$325 within the immediate service area (but that hasn’t been adjusted since the last big price hike last month, I’ll do it for next year). Roof wash should be around $475 min., but I haven’t set out a hard & fast rule on it either.

Dang. Sounds like I should up my minimum.

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I am southwest Missouri. Not sure if my market will support a 300+ show up rate. I guess the only way to know is to try different amounts.

I’d say your best way to figure it out is base it on your average ticket. For us, the minimum tends to run about half of our average. Assuming you’re priced correctly for your market anyway…that would be an entirely different discussion.

$225 that covers one hour of washing… While I don’t charge per hour… If they are trying to sneak more things in, I explain the minimum covers 1 hour of work


I think you could raise that easily Brock. Especially with your great reputation online. Last year you posted something i don’t remember what and i checked out your website. I would hire your company.

Don’t forget this is $CAD though and always includes windows. But that’s our minimum.

Min is 309

Thanks for the thumbs up!

I didn’t realize that was including windows, makes more sense.

Makes more dollars too…:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Do you just use the DI waterfed on the exterior or in/out by hand and ladders? I thought about using my waterfed but most houses here have screns of some flavor and I would have to drag my bleached, nasty self inside to remove/replace them.

We experimented with doing a pure water rinse but didn’t pan out.

Outside Windows only. No insides, i hated doing insides and when ““covid”” “pandemic” started we stopped going in customers’ houses. Perfect reason. We will not re-offer the service. One of the best decisions to date for us. I am happy when working outside.

Season is over in a few days here but next season i’ll probably test the wfp idea.

Seriously though, i hated insides so much (although clients loved us) i can’t even express it. I thought we would lose a ton of customers but made the décision anyway and i think we only lost 1 single regular customer so far!

I just refer new customers looking for insides to friendly competition.