Minimum pressure washer to start?

So I’m going to be starting my business soon, all I have left is to get a small trailer and a higher PSI pressure washer (I currently only have a 1500 PSI hot water pressure washer) and I’m trying to find out what you guys would recommend as the minimum to start out with? I know most residential jobs are do-able with a 3200PSI/2.5GPM pressure washer from Amazon but I’m looking for something that will be reliable and not irritating to use (I’ve been told the cheaper washers would just bug me until I bought a bigger one).

Right now I’m looking at the Dewalt Honda GX390 4,200 PSI 4 GPM from Home Depot. It looks to be the best price for a pressure washer with those specs. I know the Honda engine is reliable but I’m not sure about the pump and other things that you guys would probably know more about. Is this washer good enough? Should I get something else? I’m going to be doing mainly soft washes and then driveways and sidewalks.

Any recommendations extremely appreciated!

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You are much better off spending a few hundred extra and getting something more for the long term. Get a 4gpm 4000psi belt drive machine. They are around 1500.

If you don’t have 1500, get a few jobs linned up for a day, rent a home depot pressure washer, take the profits and get the 4gpm@4000psi belt driven machine.


Buy yourself a Honda GX motor (used or new) order yourself a 4gpm 4000 psi pump…takes 1 minute to install. Have hundreds of hours on two of them with zero issues.