Mineral stain help

I just completed a wash job, he has a limestone deck surface and over time it dissolved some, dripping down the columns and onto the lower patio.

He explained that the patio surface is concrete made to look like limestone, so that makes things less complicated. I tried using my surface cleaner and didn’t phase it. I have various F9 bottles and a little One Restore.

If you go looking for headaches, you will find them.


That seriously makes no sense.

Just tell the guy you can’t/won’t clean it. If you have to go back to a job, or ask how to clean or anything other than just making it a quick, simple job, then it’s a headache. Don’t go looking for headaches. There is way to much easy work out there.

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Those are decorative stones for sure (ain’t holding up nothin!) & most likely didn’t dissolve. Based on the photos, it looks like small amounts of the mortar that is holding them in place has rinsed off with the rain & has cured in all the wrong places. There are plenty of spectacular folks around here that are well versed in making that thang look stellar but I’d much rather find something else to wash than get into restoration. Too much green siding out there & not enough gasoline for all that. I believe @Innocentbystander is trying to say stick to washing & if it won’t wash off, walk away.

Hold on a sec brock, your experimenting??? This can’t be right? :joy::joy:

I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about.🤷🏼

But anyway I already did his limestone and driveway and got paid (handsomely), he was asking about the mineral stains as they are an eyesore. According to the F9 cookbook it looks like Efflo should work but was hoping the pros on here could steer me in the right direction if you had experience with this.

I’m barely 8 months deep into this pressure washing craziness but I’ve got about 18 years of sales experience up my sleeve. As long as you set customer expectations at a point where you can overdeliver every time, all your customers will be happy & that’s all we do around here is make people happy, as a profession. “That’s probably not gonna come out”. Okay. Boom. Next! It’s that easy. We all have our limitations. If they need a deck built or some drywall finished or anything else out of my reach, I refer them to a dude I know & roll on down the road. I am a huge fan of simplicity & always have been. I totally admire your hunger for knowledge! You are an awesome dude to have on this forum. I hope it all works out well for you sir! @dcbrock

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My season is pretty much done here so no big deal for me to go back and get that patio looking nice.

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For $6700 I’ll come up there and take care of that for you. You can add whatever you want to his bill for being the contractor.

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So what you’re saying is you know how to do it! :+1:t2:

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