Military veteran in need of advice!

Hello to all PWRA followers. My name is Derrick Williamson and I’m the new owner of a pressure washing and window cleaning company. After leaving the military my full time job is in aviation and I have been doing some pressure washing on the side for a few years. I finally broke over and purchased a 4gpm and 4000 psi trailer mounted hot water unit which I will try and attach some pics below. I have brand new surface cleaners, x-jet, built in downstreamer, extension poles and the whole nine yards. I have my business license in hand and my company is insured for a couple million. I just wanted to attempt my lifelong dream of owning a business. I have some knowledge in the field and know there is some money that can be made. I just really need a mentor or someone with experience who could help me along. I now need marketing advice and help getting the company booming. My business plan is to allow three years before my name is really out there as I know it takes time to build a proper customer base. What’s the best ways to get started and the best job opportunities? I would love to get into commercial but everyone I call and talk to already have someone. I’ve made flyers and business cards and I am just beginning to hand them out in my area for residential work. I just know there are many on this site who have years of experience and a wealth of information that could really help me out. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks. Derrick Williamson

Sorry I can’t attach pics as it states i exceeded my size limit?? Anyways it is a brand new northern tool item 157595 if that helps. Thanks

Welcome Derrick.
Is this the unit?

Where are you located?

Hey Derrick first off thanks for your service. The very first things I would do in your shoes is get a website up and running ASAP. Also look & do a search here for topics that interest you to help you learn more about your business. Ask questions here and participate in the discussions as well.

Since you are here Look to see what bennies you can get if you became a PWRA member down the road. These would be my starting points advice for ya.

Yes Tim that is my exact unit. I fired it up for the first time today and it cleaned my driveway like a champ. I set it on 200 degrees, used the surface cleaner, and knocked it out in no time. The turbo nozzle really helped my to clean it up in the end and get those edges. I’m in South Carolina.

Hey John thanks for the advice. After reading your post I went straight and got a web page. It’s if you would like to check it out and see what you think. I’m building it myself right now so it’s nowhere near finished. Maybe in the future I can hire Anya at ambidextrous services as I’ve talked to her and the price is just a little steep for me at the moment but I know she is the person to go to. Thanks for your help pushing me to book up that website.

Anya is worth every penny but she graciously offers a 30% discount to PWRA members. It’s just one more way that membership pays for itself.