Mid job renegotiation

In a bit of a bind right now. Agreed to do a brick apartment complex with lots of brick sidewalk and it was my understanding that we were to clean mildew and mold only, no efflorescence. Now we’re at the job about a quarter of the way through and the property manager is saying he wants the efflo gone because clean means clean. It’s basically covered in it so I don’t think I can do it for the same price. I’m thinking I adjust the estimate and if he says no then we walk. Am I wrong here?

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That is the reason for CONTRACTS.


Really don’t even need a fancy contract…that’s the great thing about email. Everything’s documented, does your estimate say on it what your cleaning? Mold, mildew, and algae, rust removal inc,used or not?

Provide whatever documentation you have, and Inwouldnt do a building with efflorescence…either I’d do what you were doing for the agreed price or walk away.

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Always…Always…Set expectations from the start.

If you see efflorescence explain in detail what its and how general cleaning will not remove it.

I have even made clients, especially commercial watch as I try to wash it off.

Document it in your estimate and your golden.

Efflorescence is a a pain in the ■■■ and I dont care what anyone says and what they use.

You have to bust out some good bullshiting and communication skills at this point to continue the job.

Good luck.

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Property manager came around. Apparently talked to someone else and they confirmed what I was telling him about difficulty of removal and extra cost and the possibility of it coming back.

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When you did the walk thru you had to explain that efflo. removal is a restoration process and it’s not included in the general cleaning quote… That covers you and give them an option to decline or ad the service

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And, they have to be told that it will come back.

That is when I also tell them that I will not remove it for any price…if they want it removed, they will have to find someone else.:smile:

On commercial work I always lay out each item as an itemized list. Management has to return an email with the selected line items.

Concrete cleaning is 1 line
Rust removal is another line

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Fleet washing/ high dollar washing/ aluminum polishing, has none of those problems my friend… In our field, it’s either super clean or mirror polished,or we don’t get paid period.no bull,no crap,no negotiating,no sales deals on FB,etc…We get paid,move on to the next happy client,so fourth,so on,365 a year if you want it . There is money to be made in them hills of Mississippi, not by Harry home owner or Carl the commercial manager. My 2 cents.Good luck buddy

Be that as it may…but they don’t expect you to get oxidation off truck paint…which would be comparable to what he is dealing with.


We do get that haunting (Oxidation) booga,booga call every other month or so, on a big SCARY painted truck… It’s simple. It’s called 2 stepping, with the right application n tools, it’s simple . They just pay alot more ,outta neglect and stupidity …We kindly take their money just like all our other clients,just alot more of it. After that they become happy biweekly clients. :wink:

I haven’t just fallen off the truck…there is plenty of oxidation that cannot be taken off with 2 step process…unless one of those steps is sanding.

Don’t know your procedures @JimLuke , but I did a 92 cabover that needed a bath n bathe, 3 weeks ago or so,put my finger on it at first, nothing but chalk, 2 hrs later she and her power plant shined like a new penny,with no trace of oxidation.



I don’t really care what your processes are…I have seen plenty of oxidation that rubbing compound and a buffer will not take off…there is no 2 step process that would take that oxidation off/

Sorry, you will have to feed that to someone else.

I will say, this oxidation was on vehicles that were made in the 80’s, but it was there. I am sure more modern paint will not oxidize like that. Matter of fact, I had 1989 Bronco the Ford repainted because there was no way to remove the oxidation short of sanding the paint off…and it did not appear to be that bad…but it would not come off.

It’s ok not to know it all @JimLuke. I’m still learning everyday myself sir. But it is possible with the right chemicals n tools. And I don’t remember pointing a spoon at you. Lol. Nice new truck btw


When oxidation occurs on painted trucks etc ,it means the clear coat or aka (finish) is gone, outta neglect or bad application process, mostly just neglect. Once 2 stepped, all the oxidation is gone,leaving a new coat of underlying paint, will it continue to oxidize under the sun ? Of course it will. Unless washed on a regular basis to mimic that clean look. Or get it clear coated again.

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Good on ya brother, wasn’t trying to imply that your task at hand wasn’t difficult, just swaying ya back to the dark side of fleet washing lol, which your awesome at @pressureguy