Michael Pontillo

Michael Pontillo of North Jersey SoftWashing, LLC in Westwood, NJ- come on down! Michael is now a member of the Pressure Washing Resource Association.

good to see you here Mike, you been busy?

Whoop Whoop, Welcome Michael.

I think that last time I saw Michael was in Orlando at the Carlosvention.

I had a really good time there.

Nice! Glad to have you here, Michael. Looking forward to your post.

Welcome Mike, good to see you here.

Welcome Mike.

Thanks for the warn welcome guys, glad to be here.

JC, keeping busy… new shop, lots of bids out and waiting for the snow to stop. Then hopefully off to work…

Wow Mike you actually snapped the lock off of your wallet… About time. Take a picture of that Big Azz sticker on your Bid Azz truck:cool:
Hey Speaking of Big Azzes when are we going to get “Sammy the Bull” Huffman to sign up? First we have to get him to stop thinking about stomping blubbery like substances into oblivion…lol