Michael Kreisle - Question about Surface Cleaner

Hey Michael, I noticed in your short video with that pressure washer you were selling that the speed at which you clean concrete is much faster than I find I can move without leaving the concrete still dirty. What allows you to move at such a speed and do you always work at that speed? I know some concrete I can move faster than others, just wanted to see if you could shed some light on this for people who might also move slower when cleaning concrete.

Thank you.

Higher gpm.

He said the vid was posted for the 5.6GPM machine he was selling. Mine is 5.5GPM, but I can’t walk and clean that fast.

Shorter hose length.

Before adding hose, I only have 150’ of hose, I would assume that most have at least that much on their reel, no?

I have 150 on 1 reel and 200 on another reel. But I carry 2 50ft for surface cleaning And hook those up. I pre treat with a nice Sh Hw mix and let it set up for 5-10 mins then we clean. Shorter hose means more water faster which in turns means faster cleaning.

What size tips you using? What your machine ‘says’ it will do and the actual are likely different, have you checked your GPM?

I respectfully disagree on hose length having any impact, the amount of pressure lost by lengths under 500’ is negligible.

Hose length is not To much of a factor unless like John D. Says it’s over 500’. The unloader you have can make a slight difference for a few seconds on how fast you get up to max PSI but in reality your only losing around 1 psi on average per foot of hose used. So if your operating at let’s say 3500psi and you have 300’ of hose being used, then on average your losing aprox 300psi which puts you @ 3200 psi at the end of the hose. From the above example of 3500psi to using 3200psi at the end of the hose is insignificant in most cases.

Also if you have a down stream injector connected “in-line” it will reduce gpm & psi. We take ours out when we clean concrete, big difference IMO.

Wow do I agree with Guy on the above statement. I found that out yesterday by accident. It made a real nice difference when I had the row streamer out of line.

Just another reason to go with the x-jet;) Speaking of downstream injectors I usually throw them out if for some reason I have them. I overstock on the x-jets so where never short there. I’m going through my end of the year cleaning up my shop. I use to save items I would come across for whatever reason and give them away free if someone needed it. The dual lance I gave away a couple of those and tossed out a few as well.

I think I may have an injector or two burried in my garage somewhere. If I come across them maybe I’ll give them away free or just chuck em. Also on PWI there doing auctions over there. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to auction some stuff there and give it to a charity…might be better then cleaning house like I tend to do…hmmm

I love free… Waiting by my mail box… LOL

That particular video was due to my chem mix. LAVA. The entrances to restaurants get black from grease tracking out of kitchen etc. My degreaser mix is bad ■■■.

However, I can move that fast also because of the surface cleaner size. 20 inch is faster with 5.6 and 8gpm machines. I sold my 28" Big Guys because I would rather walk faster. I am 6’2" and long stride. More comfortable for me even though I have to make more passes.

do you happen to share you mix recipe? or perhaps sell it?