Mi-T-M used washer. Your opinion

Hey group, I want your opinion.
I’ve came across a belt driven mi-t-m 4000psi 3.5 gpm unit for a good price. About half of what I budgeted for my new washer and surface cleaner.
Its used of course and all the reservations that come along with it; but i’m told the owner is a painter and used the unit to clean before jobs.
What would you look out for, reservations you’d have, etc.
For what it matters I do small jobs on the side, trash cans, drive ways, and patios mainly. This will certainly speed up my driveway jobs.
I was going the buy new and cry when the pump goes out route with a Simpson 4400/4gpm unit but my understanding is this brand is more reliable (both have honda engines) and that simpson pump is a time bomb.
Your input is valuable. Thank you.

If I were in your cowboy boots, I’d shop for a good running, used, preferably homeowner-owned GX390 & a shiny, new, quality brand, direct drive 4/4k pump (with an external unloader) to get the ball rolling before I would ever consider buying a used belt drive 3.5 from a painter, of all people - especially if he still paints. It probably has a GX340 anyway (they seem to be common on those rigs). On the side note, aren’t you in Knox Vegas?

I am sir.

I’m down the road from you. Feel free to send a message if you ever need anything.

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