MG-90 Chemical

I found a local pressure washing store today near my house. They guy does all kinds of rebuilds on pumps, motors, hot water units, coils, builds custom trailers, and sells Pressure Pro, Hydrotek, Whisper Wash, and several other good brands. I asked him if he carried EBC because he is so close to me, it’d be easy to buy there. He hadn’t heard of it, but when I said it was a heavy duty degreaser, he showed me this stuff called MG-90. He sells it be the gallon and was kind enough to give me a free sample.

Have you guys heard of it or used it? I didn’t find anything about it using the search function.

I think this is the product data sheet I found online.

Chemical manufactures will label their stuff whatever you wand to call it. Ask him for the safety data sheets… They will tell you the ingredients…

Thanks Greg. Looks like it’s mostly sodium hydroxide. Is this similar to anything you guys use regularly? They said they use it for concrete, and they did a demo for me on their shop floor. Seemed to work pretty nice.

Search bar, now you know what it is study up on it.