Metal roof with pollen

Any tips or tricks to wash a metal roof that is covered with sticky pollen? Should it just be rinsed or should I apply our roof wash and then rinse the heck out of it?


Use a pump to apply bleach and surfactant. Start out with the equivalent of a strong house wash mix. Adjust up from there. Rinse with indirect pressure.
One key is to not disturb any oxidation on the roof. Don’t leave any shiny spots.

This is hilarious!!!

And Rinse, Rinse, Rinse. You can’t rinse enough. You don’t want the solution to rust any of the bolts or screws that hold the roof down.

Yea we are going to rinse with our soft wash tip and our 5.5 machine. Should go pretty smooth. Thanks for the advice guys.

I can’t reaffirm this tip enough. You will hate your life if you touch any part of the roof with a shoe, ladder stand-off tip, or brush.