Metal roof wash

I have a metal roof tomorrow and was wondering if these pictures show anything I should watch out for. I am going to use a light roof mix with some extra roof snot. Will be tarping the vegetation and keeping everything wet, shooting from the ladder. Any comments on the roof itself like the type of black on there or roof material. Looks like it should be routine but just wanted some input. - Had to pull the pics.

Was there a tree hanging over the house causing the bad area ?

Howdy…not sure but I did not see any cut tree stumps. They may have cut back some branches but it looks like that stuff is on all sides. Hopefully it isn’t that fly dew. Guess we will find out in the morning.

Fly dew comes off easy as well. If there was a tree above it it’s probably sap. If it was a palm tree it’s probably from white flys either way 1 percent SH will usually be all you need. Make sure you rinse very very well or the hardware will rust.

Will make sure to get it rinsed and rinsed…thanks for the advice.

Well, the roof came out nice. I got lucky with the runoff and found some spots to direct it to.
Otherwise it would have been very tricky keeping the plants safe. That guy got a deal…took forever to rinse. Gonna double my rate…lol