Metal roof job

Hey guys I’m new here and I want to learn a lot from the wealth of information available on this forum. Thanks for all the info so far!

But honestly I think I may have bit off too much with a job coming up. I have a Marriott hotel roof cleaning that I have to do in August. It’s three stories and it’s metal roof. I just wanted your guys input on how you would go about approaching this project. I plan on renting a scissors lift and using the typical mix.

SMH… How can one even reply to this

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You got pics? Just out of curiosity, what behooved you to bid on a project like this if you didn’t have a pretty good idea how to tackle?


What wrong with Fake It til you Make It?
Nobody starts out a Pro. Its a learning process.
No matter what just make sure you do a good job! If it takes you longer and burns up your profit that’s on you.
See it as Experience you paid for!
Once complete you will know exactly what to do next time to be profitable.

Hands on is the best way to learn in my opinion.
Just don’t mess stuff up and there is no reason to!

Please keep stupid posts like this off the forum. Most of us are professional contractors who do this for a living. Having a customer stumble on here seeing fake it til you make it is bad enough, but to give that advice to new people is even worse. Maybe another site would suit you better


I’m not sure a multi-million dollar commercial property is the place to start on learning how to do a metal roof… But w/o a picture hard to offer any advice. And I wouldn’t even consider using a 30’ scissor lift to do no matter what. But each to their own.


You hit the nail on the head. You should use this conclusion of yours to determine what you do next… Good luck.

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Refer it to a professional that has the know how and equipment. Get a referral fee. Stand back and watch. Or offer to help


I say instead of “keeping stupid comments like this off this forum” u should keep nasty comments to yourself. No one starts out a pro. People are on here looking for or some support/advice. If ur not going to offer any than maybe u shouldn’t make a comment.


Go with a lighter than normal bleach solution. Light on the soap too. Work on small sections at a time. Let the solution sit for a few minutes. Def don’t let the solution dry on the roof…RINSE RINSE RINSE SOME MORE. Make sure u rinse properly so as not to allow the bleach to do any damage to the roof hardware. Best of luck.

This is why the industry is full of hacks. People do start off as professionals. Drs, lawyers, engineers, pressure washing contractors. Don’t wash until you know what you are doing. Asking for help on a forum full of strangers isn’t always the best idea. You just told him to use bleach and have never seen the roof or have any idea what type of metal or finish it has . These are the comments I’m referring to. Some are even well meaning, but they are going to put a contractor, or worse, a customer, in a bind


Maybe no one starts out as a pro but people sure as heck do start out as competent technicians, and competent technicians don’t jump onto a forum after landing a job that’s too big for them and ask how to get it completed.

Many people have started out as a competent technicians in this industry after doing actual research, attending classes, trade shows, and other industry events before practicing on a customer’s property. The Powerwash Store in Nashville just hosted a free 2 day event where some highly regarded experts taught classes on on subjects like commercial roof washing and property protection. And believe it or not there were people there who were just starting out and wanted to gain knowledge before tackling larger projects.

Fake it til you make it is a risky and potentially dangerous philosophy and frankly why many people don’t trust service contractors.


And what exactly does it take to be a competent technician? I spent $450 on an online course. Had a small amount of hands on training. Practiced on a few friends homes. No problems to this point. Every house came out squeaky clean. This is not brain surgery. Sorry to break it to u bystander, but we ARE NOT doctors, lawyers, or engineers. Lol

Then I have my first job…which also went just fine…and have to hear people like u trying to discourage me from trying to start this thing up. No thanks. Everyone will make mistakes. Even u “competent technicians”. We learn and get better. No one is dying, or going to lose their freedom if we make a mistake. We r power washers. Funniest thing I have read so far comparing this industry to doctors and lawyers.

This industry can pay more than most lawyers make. @Innocentbystander is correct though. Whether you agree or not doesn’t change the fact that he’s right. You gave advice on something you knew absolutely nothing about based on the information given. You told him to fake it until you make it. That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. This industry isn’t brain surgery but it does help to have a brain. You can do a lot of property damage if you don’t know what you’re doing so to tell someone to fake it isn’t giving good advice at all. Based on your post and how they read you’re probably living your own advice faking it until you make it. The problem is the majority of people on here know you’re probably faking it. This thread was to much to handle before my first cup of coffee

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Look i am not on this site to argue. I, like most, am on here for advice. All of the beginners on here are going to proceed with their attempt at starting up in this buisiness with or without your advice. So don’t u think u would be doing this industry a better service by giving some of your expertise?

Anyway I would love to attend hands on training classes. I have looked, but haven’t found anything available nearby. I will definitely attend one somewhere this winter.

By the way I was not the one who told him to “fake it till u make it”. There is plenty of information available to give u a good idea of how to wash houses and roofs etc… before u start. I am not suggesting to go in blind…Of course nothing beats hands on experience. I did wash a couple of metal roofs in the short time I had with a pro. That is the procedure he said that he use on metal roofs. I was never aware of a metal roof that must not get bleached. Anyway, ur right… it was a bad idea for me to suggest anything with my limited experience. So then…when would u not use bleach on a metal roof?

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I don’t have enough experience with metal roofs to properly give advice.

Neither does powehouse12 guy, but that didn’t stop him lol


Wow I did NOT mean to piss anyone off with this post, lol. I think next time I’ll just not post here, my bad. Have a great day!