Metal roof help

Any recommendations on black metal roof washing ? I will be downstreaming with my 5 gallon bucket. ? Should i use a 3% mix? Or no sh just surfactant? Anything helps



I hate to say this man, but if you’re not experienced with this type of roof (and no gutters to boot) walking around with a 5 gallon carboy I’d highly recommend you skip this one. There’s so much that can go wrong here.

I dont have to carry the bucket, i leave it with my rig, i just put the downstream line into the bucket. It just has alot of dirt, and i was hoping to just hit it from the ground up with my jrod. But ill do more research and decide from there. Can you explain what can go wrong ?. Any knowledge is helpful

Oh ok, if you’re not using bleach that’s different. The other guys can comment better than me.