Metal roof first

After reading virtually every thread on here about metal roofs I was pretty intimidated to say the least. (I don’t have many metal roofs in my area) Lots of trees and plants around it so I was a little nervous about using to much SH. I tried DS first with little results. Ended up using the X-jet with straight SH. (I ordered eLemonator but it hasn’t arrived yet). As soon as I hit it with the x-jet it melted right off. Still being nervous I rinsed it repeatedly for what felt like an eternity.
Customer was so happy with the results that she gave me a $90 tip!!! I was thankful for the x-jet bc after reading y’alls thread I really didn’t want to put pressure to it or even climb on it for that matter. Thank you for all your threads. Feel free to criticize or give more advice haha.
I forgot to take a before picture but the whole roof was black.


Sounds like you could have backed down on the SH ratio is it reacted that quickly. If it reacts immediately you’re strong enough to possibly harm vegetation. Love my x jet. It serves a purpose for me for sure

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll dilute it down more next time. I was worried about hurting the vegetation too. I rinsed it quite a bit more than I normally would so hopefully I’ll be good.

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