Metal roof clean

Bidding on cleaning this metal roof on these apartments. It’s about 75’ long. What type of cleaners would you use on this job? What would you charge on it?



Hey Sam,

I have the crew out right now doing a large 350 cow dairy barn roof. All metal.

We are using a 50/50 mix of 12.5% chl. and water.

Kyle, be sure to rinse like crazy so there is no problem with rusting fasteners.

For cleaning our metal roof firstly i prepare the TSP solution with water .

TSP is old school. It will work but the cons outweigh the pros.

I have to agree with Kyle. That 50/50 mix is a bit high and would definitely work. If we are talking but the picture, I would reccoment a

4% solution

Is this dairy roof colored ? Will the SH not discolor the tin?

Whatever you do, don’t start pressure washing it because if it has any oxidation you won’t ever get it even. Start out with a 40/60 mix sh/water. Keep in mind that on a metal roof you will have a lot more run off and it will run off fast so if it doesn’t have gutters be careful.


Thanks for the info!