Metal or wood flat bed deck for npr

Having a flatbed built for 14 ft npr. Should I go with wood or metal for the decking?



Mine is wood and I don’t think I would have it any other way! The ability to screw down stuff is amazing.

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I was leaning towards wood for that reason. Did you coat yours at all?

Pretty sure I may steal your idea of the swing up signage.

Bring me 40k and I’ll hand you the keys. I’ll even have someone put your logo and number on it lol

Plow, salt spreader, and pw setup included! Lol

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No, I didn’t have time. And it is kinda rough looking boards. I was dead set on replacing it this spring. But after realizing it was just a work truck and not a fashion show I left it. Plus I don’t have time to o any of that stuff!

Haha I am there with you.

I have to agree with @SchertzServicesLLC wood is nice to be able to bolt anything you want anywhere. I’ve been working on this little guy lately.