*Member Benefits Update* / Discount Clarification at Joseph D. Walters Insurance

We have asked the PWRA and WCRA to communicate information direct to their association members to clarify the discount process and better explain the discounts in general being offerred at Joseph D. Walters Insurance. This information is planned to be sent direct to you in a few weeks by your association in a planned monthly communication to you.

Our President at Joseph D. Walters prepared this important and very detailed announcement to help everyone understand better what to expect and what our agents can do. The announcement addresses important information for both NEW customers and EXISTING customers of ours. There is also a very important timeline involved for existing customers that our agents must adhere to based on the rules of the insurance carriers.

Please take a few moments to look at the attached PDF file. It is the communication from the President of JDW. The adminstrators have posted this in a link under the Member Benefits areas on both forum sites. I wanted to bring this to everyones attention in this manner since you may not look in detail at the area where this link is found very frequently. It is also possible that you may not receive the PWRA or WCRA monthly e-mails as well.

This communication, along with what has been posted already and what is planned to be sent out by the associations themselves is the best way I can help make sure this is seen by as many of the members as possible.

Thank you again for your patience.


Im not able to see the attached pdf to download. Viewing on my phone.

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I just read it on my I-Pad.
In my case I did just save 21% from JW agency thru my PWRA membership but because of where I live I probably still pay more then most would without a discount. These are some of the reasons why I belong to Industry associations so it can benefit my business.


Hi Brennon,

I just tested the link on my end and it did open the pdf for me. Are you still having troubles getting it to open? I can send it to you directly if you would like. Just let me know.


I can not hit the link…can you send directly Amy?

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Does a jpg show up any better?

Yes. Thanks Tim!

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Thanks for the help Tim. I am really not sure why it wasn’t opening for everyone.


Here is the PDF version as well for easy access: http://www.windowcleanerproducts.com/docs/jdw-discount-clarification.pdf