Mean Green Supply Hose

Mean Green seems to be the most liked supply hose around here. is this the stuff you guys are talking about?

is 3/4 ok or would you recommend 1"? i’m running 4gpm now, but by next spring i’m hoping to have either a 5.5gpm hot or 8gpm cold machine.

where do you guys buy this hose? i haven’t seen if for sale from the usual vendors most of us deal with (unless i missed it).

Mean Green makes a 1" diameter hose?

We get ours here. Mean Green 3/4 x 100’ Garden Hose

We run 3/4" with a 1" super swivel at the reel. It keeps up most days. 8 gpm or more.

Yep heard a lot about this hose and just received (2) 150’ sections for the box truck we’re building. Went with blue color.

Tim you have a picture of that at the swivel??

You will be fine with 3/4. I would recommend 100’ plus. We have 75’ and are ok most of the time but have a extra 75’ and 50’ if needed.its pretty rugged stuff.

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thanks, everyone. i’ll probably go 150’ of 3/4". don’t have a hose reel yet, i’m debating between a titan, a summit or a hannay. i’ll be looking to stack it with a matching high pressure reel

It’s too cold to go unreel that hose for a picture, (39 degrees :slight_smile: )what do you want to know Mr Mac? I’m pretty sure there is a reducer bushing and a 22 or 45 degree elbow also.

Here ya go.

thanks Guy, I was confused I know exactly what your talking about, I got it now the 1 inch swivel at the reel going to the tank. Just lke you said LOL, for some reason I thought you were talking about running the 3/4 hose into a 1 inch hose, dont know how i thought that ,

No it’s 3/4" supply to the reel (1" manifold) then expands to 1" to the buffer tank.

Does it come in the Orange or Red, whatever color it is?

Go to post #3.

Click the link provided.


Thanks, they have the Green at Home Depot but I didnt see orange. They had some other orange type stuff by the same company but it didnt have the word mean on it.

I like the hose I have now but if I don’t take it completely off the reel it gets squished on the reel and reduces the flow. Does the mean green hose stay rigid enough to not let this happen?


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Thanks [MENTION=6510]Tim4[/MENTION] for posting the link.Going to contact them to see if any distributors in Canada.
If this is like everything else for decent pressure washing equipment, chems, I will be shopping
State side once again. Lol. :smiley:

Bill Sullivan
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Mean green stays open all the time on the reel. It doesn’t squish. There are no restrictions. I routinely unreel only 30-40 feet and have never had a problem.

I have 200’ on my reel and it does get squished. I may put something in there to expand center of the reel, maybe that will help.??..

I’m using a 1125-4-200 coxreel. 150 foot mean green. It has a recessed outlet and the drum is wide enough to where the bend doesn’t kink. The hose will kink if the bend is severe enough but I haven’t see it get squished yet.