Math is hard - Need some validation

Thanks again for the forum and all the valuable free advice given. Now that others have given some clear advice on how I should tackle making my way into a pressure washing business, I am reading and watching as much as I can while I figure out what my next step will be. That said, I want to make sure that I have a decent understanding of nozzle selection or backing into what the pressure is for a given nozzle setup. For example purposes I looked at the nozzles on my big box store surface cleaner and pressure washer and wanted to back into the pressure at each nozzle. Can someone validate if my interpretation of the charts are accurate?

3400 PSI
2.4 GPM

Surface Cleanier
2 nozzles
Size 25015

GPM divided by 2 nozzles = 1.2gpm
Nozzle size of 1.5 at a 1.2gpm = 2500 PSI per nozzle

More math
Replace nozzles with 25020
Nozzle size of 2.0 at 1.2gpm = 1400ish PSI per nozzle.

Used the attached chart for reference. Thoughts?


You’re spot on!


Thank you sir! Going to have to start paying you a consultation fee :slight_smile: . I appreciate the help!


What do the blue numbers on the chart indicate?

The gpm your PWer puts out.

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