Marketing Ideas, NEED FEEDBACK!

Hi Guys! I was wondering if anyone could share any good marketing techniques that they use or have seen. Our company is looking for new ways to “be seen”. Like Guy says, if you are not vissible how are people suppose to know about you? Right now I am mostly brainstorming of ways we can approve our appearance at expos and such. How do you dispaly at your expos/shows? I wa thinking of ordering a banner with some pictures on it and our company name for expos and such. However most of our expos our outside and we have a bright yellow box truck that is usually with us. Would a banner still beneficial? Does anybody have a banner? I was also thinking of making a big poster board with some of our information on it? These are just a few ideas running through my head, not sure if there good or not. We do a few expos a year and partcipate in 2 parades every year, but we never really “stand out” or do anything to “be seen.” I am looking for some new stuff to take along with us to the expos and parades to make us stand out a little more. Can anybody help me? Your ideas and suggestions would be much appreciated!!! Thanks everyone :smiley:

Do you know how all your current customers found you ?.. I would start at that and expand from there.