Marketing during the off season?

Was curios to know if anyone markets during the off season? I cancelled all my adword campaigns and quit posting to the free sites as well for the time being just to breathe a minute. Most of the reading ive done says this is a bad idea but im stubborn and did what I wanted to anyway haha.

Curious to know what everyone else does during this time of the year…

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I shut it all down too. I don’t even answer the business line. The voicemail message says we’ll be back in February. This past season calling all the leads that didn’t pan out in previous years, all prior customers, and my commercial contacts put enough on the calendar early that momentum took over in March/April.


I stop advertisements but I do a lot of marketing. I don’t want to work in the winter but I build up my presence…

Do you guys think I should still put out yard signs and my bulletin boards?

Right now I’m finishing up a tri fold brochure and gathering a mailing list of commercial properties in my area. The goal is to have a hundred brochures mailed by the end of the year. Then I’ll spend January calling those properties and arrange a sales meeting. I’d like to secure 10 commercial accounts before March.
In the meantime I’m working on rebranding so I’m touching all of my marketing material again.


What are your bulletin boards? Are you talking large format outdoor advertising (bill boards)?

Just paper print outs for community bulletin boards at supermarkets etc

How hard is it to land these on average? Any conversion rate data?

printing tri-folds and expanding online presence.

Do trifolds work better than just handing businesses flyers and post cards?

I have no idea. First try working the commercial area. My close percentage, when I meet with a residential customer, is above 85 percent at this point.

The trifold will be used to warm call the business and secure a face to face meeting. I’m hoping that without calling I’ll still get a 1 percent conversion rate on the mailings. So for every hundred land one without any additional sales work.
We’ll see. Wish me luck.

Keep me posted on this technique. I’d love to see how it goes before I invest some money into it.

As a side note, When I end up driving by a house that looks really bad, I get out of my door and place a door hanger. It may or may not work, but it’s just a minute here or there.