Market Sustainability

Hi guys,

I wanted to ask a question about my market. As I am continuing to grow, I am wondering if my market is capable of supporting a large pressure cleaning company, which I plan to be (my definition of large is 1.5 mil+ a year gross).

I have no idea how to even gauge if this is possible in my market. I live around Port Charlotte, Florida and service a 20 mile radius. There are surrounding cities, 25-30 miles away (Sarasota, and Fort Meyers) however I live in a much smaller area where the income is a bit lower than Sarasota and Fort Meyers.

What is the best way to figure this out? Pressure cleaning is of course a high priced service, in comparison to say pest control. Does my market have the money, and population to support this?

The hard way would be to figure out ballpark how many houses you’ve got in your service area. Then find out how many competitors you have and size them up. Then there’s math and stuff and a bunch of best/worst case guesses.

Also requires a lot of self honesty about your strengths and weaknesses against your competitors (none of this “I’m the best because I’m ME”).

Doing a real, accurate market analysis is incredibly time consuming; people get paid lots of money to do that.

Are there dirty houses? If yes, go wash. Are all the houses clean? If yes, sell them on keeping them that way and go wash. Remember, there’s ALL KINDS of washing to be done that isn’t residential work. I’ve washed oil rigs, OTR trucks, off road trucks and equipment, houses, concrete, commercial buildings, oil storage tanks, wood, and a load of other junk. I promise you your bank account won’t care if you washed a $30k house or a $300k house. The checks all cash the same.

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And you’ve got a nice rig there. You look professional enough that you can pull up to any job regardless of zip code and be taken seriously. Forget all the market analysis crap and just focus on acquiring new customers AND KEEPING THEM.

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Yes, however smaller homes are obviously cheaper… as I grow and add trucks I am wondering if the income of the average household is high enough to pay the price… every market is different and some simply cannot support a high volume of high priced work. Am trying to figure out how to decide whether or not my market is able to support this future growth. This may be something I am overthinking… but at the same time I am at a stage of my life where moving is very common. I am about to graduate high school and just considering my options and wondering if there are better opportunities out there.

I love the rig. It is my baby.

Book out your rig…if you’re booked way out, get another rig…if it doesn’t work, expand to the aforementioned bigger towns nearby. If one doesn’t work, close up there and try the other side… Trial and error, keep statistics so you can make informed decisions, etc.