Man Down - Past Forum Member

Hi guys - I wanted to take a quick minute to share this. Maybe some of you can help.

Dan Thibodeau Forum member started cleaning windows over 10 years ago in Michigan and he has since moved on to start his own company in New Jersey.

On Monday Dan took an approximately 30 foot fall from a roof where he was performing a roof wash. He cracked his skull and broke a bunch of ribs. The homeowner happened to be there and heard the commotion and found Dan and immediately called 911. If the homeowner wouldn’t have been there the situation probably would not have ended well.

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Its amazing to see the community coming together to help out another when in need thats what this network is all about. Wishing for a speedy recovery for Dan.

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@Chris thanks for the post. I’m happy to donate. Hopefully they reach their goal and he makes a full recovery.

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Thanks for sharing…I will gladly donate.

Edit The fund has raised a little over 2/3 of the goal…hopefully it will get there, soon.

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We just made a small donation.


Just an update from his wife on the Gofund Me page:
“He’s making positive progress, doctors and nurses are happy with it and so are we”.
God bless him and his family. They still haven’t got to their $ goal.

Thanks for the update @Clean_Blue…prayers will continue.