Making it harder for everyone

No way this guy isn’t losing money on every job or isn’t destroying people’s property. Seeing a lot more of this lately unfortunately.

Click on the guys name to pull up the screenshot

Don’t worry about it. About the 3rd person that takes him up on it and their project doesn’t get finished or it’s half assed because he’s burnt out and can’t afford to work anymore will go right back on FB and blast him.

Or… it’s a bait and switch. “Well sir and ma’am, your house is so bad it will require a special soap and/or process which will cost more.”


Agreed. I just don’t like talking bad about people even when they deserve it. Makes it more difficult to explain the correct processes and costs.

I’d just ask, “how do afford your insurance?!”

That usually gets the ball rolling. I’d follow up with “what company?! I’m switching!”


Haha you my friend are a great resource. Thank you for all your input.

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Servers certificate has expired?

Yep. @Chris, @Thad, @Alex, you guys notice this yet?

glad it is fixed

I have a150.00 guy here in my area and he advertises this any size house so I wouldn’t bad mouth competition but I would recommend him so I have a customer with a 5000 sq foot house deck patios the whole works I bid my price and mention that there was another washer that might could give a better bid short story 150.00 guy said he didn’t have the equipment to handle the job and turned the customer down I did get the job and the customer put on his fb page that the 150.00 would not honor what he advertised bad word of mouth travels a lot faster than good


Well played

My area has a lot of pressure washing companies but we all get along because we are all on the same page with pricing. There are always going to be the $99 guys but they don’t last long and are replaced by the next idiot a couple of seasons later. It drives us nuts but we always win in the long run.


Dont worry about the noise around you it will only slow you down in your game. Only thing you can control is the circle around you and the work you provide.

Your wasting your breath with stuff like this. …


Today going to look at a job to quote drove past a pop up power washer doing a job. He was on a ladder standing about 3 feet from a window blasting the glass. Gutter was literally hanging off the house and I was like wow hope that was like that.

I have made a good start to a relationship with a commercial property manager in the area and she wanted to meet today. i won a bid for two entry ways of a condo they manage. Two sides three stories, white painted concrete, all able to just spray rinse and roll. She showed me the other bids, $200 more then me. I don’t feel like I low bid but she has 3 bids for me and I’m giving them per hour pricing because it just easier and total about $3k in business for 3 days work. I do not think I am going to be well liked in the area once I start making moves.

There honestly aren’t many opportunities for self employment that allow you to get $1k/day starting out. Good work. As you get a foothold in the market and establish a reputation, you’ll be able to do even better :+1:t2: