Major food/restaurant grease and ebc

this was a cold water clean up. EBC didn’t touch it. first I had to scrape the skin off, which i wasn’t expecting to do. And then i let the GOLD ASSASSIN have at it. It did work a bit. some minor spots and scrubbing. but i had to add more sod hyd to the mix and finally did it give in. So don’t take the job for grease if you don’t have hot water to use on it, or you’ll be sorry! so, Id suggest hit it with hot water, then the sod hyd, then a little scrub. rinse and repeat as necessary. I’m not sure if the hot water would decrease the grease shadows, but it helps. this happen to be a restaurant grease harvesting co that had a spill, so it’s a worst case scenario.

Where’s the pic?

Also, just fyi, potassium hydroxide works better on food grease. Smaller molecules or some such.


Racer is right. EBC and sodium hydroxide do okay on animal fats and proteins but if you’ll get a degreaser formulated for those you can clean some pretty gnarly stuff with cold water. Done plenty of jobs like that with my go-to degreaser for that stuff. The stuff I use is made to clean commercial smokers and ovens and it just eats right through that kind of grease.

but you can def see some on the lefthand side of drive only. looks wet. I had to wash off all the purple zep and possibly dawn off before hand. Ill definitely keep some pot hydr on hand from now on @Racer .
was getting a little stressed when the Ebc did nothing. Frat house BTW. no after pics tho.

a restaurant grease collecting truck leaked out is what happened. by the time i got to it ,it was like wax.p