Got 7 hours on my machine from 2 jobs I had last weekend and want to change my oil. I have a pressure pro 8gpm Honda Gx630 but don’t know what the best oil to use. I work on nissans for a living so I have access to any kind of oil , any suggestions on the best oil to use? Synthetic?

Get a few more hours on that engine with conventional oil so it breaks in properly. Synthetic is too slippery for the metal parts in the engine to seat into each other. Switching to synthetic after 25 hours or so is a good idea though, but I would still adhere to the recommended oil change intervals.

I was told to change the oil after the first 8 hours of break in. I also heard to use non detergent oil but that do t seem right at all either. I will take your advise Russ and wait for 25 hours then make the switch to synth.