how often do you change your pump and engine oil? i’m a slacker plus i lost the book to my machine so i have no idea how often to change. if i had to guess my engine would be around 100 hrs, but thats just a guess

I think the engine oil is 40-50 hours. I change the pump oil once a year.

Engine 50 hours pump 100 hrs.

My Vanguard 16hp calls for 50hrs, my General TS2021 calls for 250 hrs. or every 3 months with ND 30wt.
I use Redline 10w 30 in my engine. Synthetics only. My PA gearbox calls for 300 hrs. 75w90. Redline goes in that too.
I’ve been using synthetics in my engines for years. One has almost 5K hours and the other 4K.
Get a Sendec hour meter / tach. Worthwhile investment.

A little off the main topic, but How often do you tune your pressure washer? I bought a used machine a few months ago. It started every time on 1st or second pull (9 horse Honda). Yesterday I was on a job and couldn’t get it to start for the life of me. I pulled till I could’nt pull anymore. Fortunately, the client let me reschedule. I took it home and pulled the plug. It was pretty black and dirty. I cleaned the carb, changed the plug and filter and she started right up. $35 and an hours maintenance, cost me a $200 paycheck. Went home empty handed. This is a good lesson, keep your equipment in good working order. I am not in a position yet to have a back up pressure washer.