Magnet business cards or ideal

Looking at doing the home show this year and looking at getting magnets
1 Has anybody done this and if so where is a good place to get the ?
2 Some ideals of what to put on them so they they don’t go straight in the can

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I offer a 17 pt magnet card with your file printed on it for $170.00 per thousand delivered after PWRA discount. It has a glossy UV coating.

There is no secret to getting them saved. The secret lies in giving out so many that eventually enough get saved to make a difference.

We have had good Home Show luck in the past giving out $35.00 Gift Cards (to be used for pressure washing).

I’ve thought about handing magnets out with flyers/door hangers when doing D2D. Anyone tried this?

What size are they Tim?

They are standard business card size at 2" x 3.5".

They are available in many sizes up to maybe 4" x 6".


Thank you for mentioning that you do business card magnets. That is on my list of things to get, but I did not know you did them. I am glad I do now.

We are planning of getting some but I only plan on using them for people that purchase our services as a way of keeping our name in front of them during the times they do not need our service, so that when they do they will call us again. They also may have guests over that see your magnet or refer you to friends over the course of the year until they use you again.

They are a little more expensive that other forms of advertising so for other people we will hand out door hangers. Look at it as .17 per magnet vs. .04 per Door Hanger. The customer that just bought from you is more than likely to hang onto it, whereas the person that may not need your service now could throw it away, I would rather have them throw away .04 than .17 and save the magnets for people that bought my product.