Mafia Shirts on sale now

Ok guys I have PMW shirts for sale. Listed below is what we currently have in stock and we will accept credit cards,cash or checks.
Short sleeve:
2 - xxl ([COLOR=#ff0000]sold out[/COLOR])
6 - xl

Long sleeve:
4- - L
8 - xl
4 - xxl ([COLOR=#ff0000]sold out[/COLOR])

1 - xl ([COLOR=#ff0000]sold out[/COLOR])

These run fairly true to size and are ready to ship now. T-shirts are $20.00 + $8.75 shipping. Hoodies are $28.00 + $5.60.
You can contact me via phone @ 229-344-5596 to place your order. Credit card orders ship right away cash and check ship once payment is received.

what color are they?

Some pics would help sales, Squirt.

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Black only. We have tried doing different color in the past and he logo doesn’t look good.

Got Mine!!!

Call me when you get some more hoodies in…XL

Thanks and good luck Scott!!!

What they look like

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I added pics to the original post.

I have started a gofundme campaign to try and raise enough money to purchase the screen printing equipment we need to do these in house. It will allow us better control of the quality,as well as, expand the offering of the PWM line.
This is the link to that page PWM (Pressure Washers Mafia) equipment by Scott Karvonen - GoFundMe

dam none in my size. i’m a big boy at 2XL

Don’t feel bad I need a 3 or 4 XL.

I wear my long sleeve all the time. LOVE it!

Christmas is just around the corner PWM shirt make great gifts for yourself and your crew. Call and order today

I have set up a gofundme account to try and raise the $$$$ we need to purchase screen printing equipment. We feel that if we can do the shirts,hoodies etc. in house we will be able to better control the quality,as well as, expand the line. Any donation you make would be very appreciated

PWM screen printing equipment by Scott Karvonen - GoFundMe