M5ds twist

I have been using the M5ds twist on my 8gpm 3500psi Pressure Pro now for the last few weeks and I love it. After watching @Racer youtube video on soft washing a house using it, I figured I’d give it a try. It works great and has upped my production. I also noticed that I have pretty much eliminated the dreaded weepers I was occasionally getting last year using the jrod. Thanks Rick (Racer) for the vid and for turning me on to this cool tool to add to the box.


Does it allow u to twist from soap to rinse? Im assuming yes cuz of your pressure drops

Just lift your siphon hose?

Nvm i found them just not sure what orifice i want for 4gpm…

Lol im looking at turbos now didnt mean to post that*****

No it doesn’t. I like it because I can apply my soap and rinse with the same nozzle. You will have to shut off your down stream injector or take it out the soap when rinsing. I have a bypass kit. Search it on youtube and it help explain.

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any lance or right off the trigger?

I use mine right off the trigger

I just hate the noise they produce. They work great though

no lance

I use my M5 twist on a 24" lance and have it mounted directly on the lance without a quick disconnect and then have one with a QD for my other lances and trigger without the lance. I find the 24 with direct mount is much faster because I can change the spray pattern with one hand.

As long as you have the trigger pulled you can still change the spray pattern with one hand even with qc’s.

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I keep my connectors lubed, so I can’t change the pattern because it spins . 24” fixed mount is awesome.

I read in the reccomendation of this product it works best with 100’ or less of pressure hose. What’s the drawback with 100’ or more. Also is there a difference in the gallon per minute selection. I run 5.5 now but plan to run 8 by years end. If I buy the 7-12 gpm version what will the effect be when using my 5.5.

That 100’ is talking about twist xjet. For m5ds can run 1000 ft of hose if you want. Going to bigger size not that much difference. Will be slightly less pressure so may affect your distance a little. I use my smaller one occasionally if I want a little more pressure out of my 8. Makes a little more mist at longer distance and I get shorter distance with it but does put out little more pressure. Great for like rinsing cool deck or trex deck sometimes.

Never tried the bigger one with my small machine. If I think about will try in next day or 2 and see.


Just ordered me one. Can’t wait to give it a go

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