Lowest psi to not pull soap


Did a couple of searches and didn’t find anything but am happy to be redirected to a post that covers it. I know how to read a nozzle chart, but how do I determine if a nozzle is going to pull soap or not? Is there a threshold psi? Does angle have anything to do with it? I’m just looking to tone back the pressure on my two step rinsing to make it easier on my arms and the truck.


Not a set answer. Buy a bunch of nozzles and experiment. Remember, if there is enough pressure to stop the soap, it’s to much pressure to put on a house, in my opinion.


Good info on this also over at bob’s site- PT state.
Downstream Injection. Tek Article.


Concrete. That’s the only thing I’ve used pressure nozzles on in 2 years. Not to derail the thread, but my painter friend lent me a turbo nozzle. I hate it. Lol. It vibrates more than a weed eater.


I ran a turbo for almost 10 hours today. About sick of curbs.


You’re a better man than I.


Not better. Just taller


That’s about what I thought. And I agree, I always just flip my valve to water for my house washes.

Also, I’ve got some lime trucks I’m being asked to clean that even a turbo nozzle won’t touch lol. Check this out

Going to throw some concrete cleaner on it and see what happens.


Throw some coconut at it.

That’s what I’ve always heard anyways. You put the lime in the coconut and shake it all about.