Low grade concrete, recommended nozzle size(s) or solutions?

In my neighborhood all of the concrete is really poor quality. It’s a new planned community and the first time I washed my concrete it looked fine wet, then it dried… It looked like wherever I overlapped the cream was removed from the concrete, I’m guessing… I tested this again on my own concrete in a different spot with different nozzles (25035 on each side of the surface cleaner bar)… It happened again! Prior to trying the 25035’s, I had 1503s and it was much worse. Is it possible that there was too much heat and that caused the cream to come off in the areas where I overlapped?

For really sorry concrete, what do you all do to avoid this? My machine is a pressure pro 3500 psi 5.5GPM machine. This does not happen on all concrete, but I can tell by the text of the concrete if I am going to have a problem. I’ve been either passing on the concrete or using a heavy SH mix and a wand if I am worried at all… except on my own driveway, woops.

Should I try to even this out with a wand or what else can I do to make my concrete look “even?”

How old is this concrete?

3 years