Love my work


You just need to quit washing and open a restaurant. You’re killing me with all these food pics.


Only 2hrs away


I thought you was coming by to visit rick. Hurry up and bring your grill with your. Heck ill even try a rolling rock.

Yeah was planning but work got in the way.

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Whats up top on warming rack?

I think those are Zucchini Boats. My wife will make them once in a while. Its a Zucchini with the seeds scooped out and then filled with whatever you want.

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Are you sure this isn’t pinterest lol

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Zuccinni… boats.
Filled with groundbeef, raisins, egg, seasonung, garlic, onions, topped with cheese and parmesan cheese.
And chicken gizzards on the fry pan

Mashrooms and onions in the foil.

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Man that’s mouthwatering.

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