Lost motor


Honda gx 690 update. Last year lost governor on machine with 2700 hours. I fixed that one but swore to never do it gain. Lost one yesterday with 3200 hours. Other than coil packs, life span seems to be in the 3000 hour range.


Do you keep engines on hand?


I have a rebuilt that I put on the truck if it goes out of state. I stopped by Landa today and had them put a new one on. It’s black. Not really liking the all black honda

Yesterday I owed them nothing. Not so much when I left lol


you lie, you got a Predator engine.

Regardless, at ~$.60 an hour, thats not too bad.


And i see your pruchase of pump oil…

I have been using 30w non-detergent,nothin cute or fancy… only changed once on new machine, but next week on schedule to do another… should i be using the General Pump Oil they sell?


They serviced the pump when they swapped motors. Probably needed it after 5000 hours lol


Lol… i will not push it that far


That’s probably the same thing in the general pump bottle.


The all black Hondas are awesome!


I really liked the red and now the fung sway vibe is mesed up. Red on one side of the truck and black on the other lol


I like the red.

imagine riding down the road and you see a 1985 Honda Big Red, but its black? Not a Big Red.

What if firetrucks were black? That would just be weird


Tomato potato


Hugger orange. If fire trucks and hondas were hugger orange I’d be happy


Hugger orange? Like the General Lee?


I’m ashamed to say it started as a chevy color, but I love it.


I got those two big work tables primed and one leg of them painted with ford tractor blue and it’s my new favorite color.


I can dig that. Try some grabber green on the other table


How is shop working out for ya?


I’m giving one to my dad because he said he wants a workbench to mount the 6 inch grinder I got him for fathers day. Lol so it has to be blue and he’s getting a ridiculously stout 8’ x 2’ work table. He wouldn’t dig the green very much. I don’t know how I’m going to get the work tables delivered without renting a trailer and using a come-along. They’re so heavy. haha

@Donut I’ve been in it long enough to get the trailer, fill chem tanks, and drop the trailer off. So far I haven’t been able to use it much, but I’m building this work table in my garage and just met with the insurance guy on Monday to get everything covered before I move it all in. The sign on the road has been good though. Gotten enough calls this month to cover my rent on it.


Thats the name of the game… glad its working out.