Lost J-Rod.. What now

So yesterday my helper sets the J-Rod on the back of the truck and of course it falls off. My Local PW Store didnt have the correct tips that I wanted to use so I had to improvise. I highly rec. that you keep/make some hose barb tips and keep in the truck. For less than 12.00 I was washing again.


I got 2 of these and flattened one out to give me a fan pattern and one to shoot high. And then I rinsed with my old M5 xjet.

Oh PS I made the helper go back the the neighborhood and look for my Jrod. He did find it… :0). But the barbs will always and forever be in my tool box.

We have a back up one.

You gotta have backups for everything.

multiple back-ups for some things

We have duplicates of the jrod. In three separate toolboxes.

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Ya i guess i left the part out of we could not find the backup.

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