Lost a hose yesterday

We were washing this huge home that had an aluminum deck and I guess a sharp corner sliced the hose. I wasn’t even pulling on the hose when it happened. All of a sudden it just started spraying out a stream. This was two 100’ sections so I just swapped out the 50’ backup piece and went back to work. I ordered a single 200’ goodyear neptune hose from Bob last night and will put the other good 100’ piece as a backup now. I’d been wanting a 200’ hose anyways because I’m anal about how neatly my hose goes on the reel and it’s a chore fignting two 100’ sections neatly on a real.
It’s just a bummer I only got 6 months out of such an expensive hose.

Can how do you splice the hose?
Is it not worth the effort doing it??
I got a few bad spots on mine…

I’m not going to splice hoses. I just buy new when they go bad.

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I’m conflicted on this. Ive read and heard different points of view.
On one hand if you have people that say it’s cheaper to replace a 50’ length, so just run with 3-4 of those. On the other hand you have potential pressure loss and reel issues if you go this route.

250’ of continuous length wirh a sacrificial 5’ whip on the end. Mine always tend to blow right behind the gun


Never thougnt about the whip idea. I’ll give that a try.

That’s ingenious. And it’d be perfect for the guys who like having a ball valve at the end of their hose, but don’t like the added bulk. Just put it before the whip.

Where do you get the 250’ length at william? I’ve only found 200.

$275 with shipping. Single wire with swivel on one end

That’s certainly way cheaper than what I paid for 200’ at pressuretek. But I still didn’t see a 250’ section at that link, or even prices.

Call and ask for Steve. Tell him you want what William with Off Duty Fireman gets. It’s not on their website. They special make it for me. I get 10 sections every January.

I run 205’ of hose, 50’ sections, with a 5’ whip hose. Only 1 QC fitting on the whip, the rest of the fittings are swivel. A former employer of mine ran 50’ sections with QC, Always changing O-Rings, always beating QC apart because the idiots, would never change the o-rings and just let the unloader suffer. I rarely have problems with threaded fittings. I need to find a better barrel swivel, its a weak link.

With QC fittings; I understand it doesn’t look pretty and leaves a lump that can stretch the hose. Without QC fittings a negligible strain is on the hose.

@Fatdaddy, to “splice” you cut the hose, buy a fancy press that uses two pricey special crimps on a hose that your pretty must going to throw away soon anyways.

I really like legacy hose and Mi-tm hose too!

Hose brake a few times a season, make sure you get the kits that fix the end of the hose with a screw plug because they usually brake at the reall, always good to have two reels ready to go so when one brakes just switch over to the other one and repair when you get home

two reels, twice the stuff to go wrong, twice amount of stuff to fix and maintain.

you are absoluty wrong brother on this, think about it a little longer, you are only using one the other is a back up but to each there own, two of everything on the rig for back better to fix at the shop then on the job get it !!

Any breakdown is a pain in the ass. Its not rocket science to fix them on a job site, I keep spare parts on my rig; Jumper hoses, barrel swivel, thermostat, hi limit, flow switch, pressure relief valve, mic fittings, o rings, et cetera.

If your back-up reel isn’t connected to the pressurized system (aka manual override necessary), then it could work. If your system has both reels pressurized at one time, its completely pointless. If you already have to change to another reel, why not just take out the hose that is affected. I mean your going to change a hose maybe a few times a year. Why have an extra $700 in hose, reel and fittings not to mention the extra weight.

KEC is my gig. Ive worked for 4 different employers (Codys, Hoodz, Summit and Getz) to know my competition well. Also Roommate has been working on pressure washers for 15 years, an invaluable resource. I built my own unit, I fixed my competitors units when I worked for them.

I wouldn’t have an entire separate unit worth more than 6K sitting around when I can fix most problems in under a 1/2 hour.

Hmmm. I’m building my rig, and am hung up on what hose to get. Might call him and get what you are using. Think i’ll just get a 200’, though. Thanks for the tip(s).

If you don’t get the 250 General Special, then the 200 Neptune form PressureTek is my choice.

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We bought the 200’ of Neptune from Bob.